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[PERK] Carta

Carta (formerly eShares) is a software platform for founders, investors, and

employees to manage equity and ownership. Carta helps companies and investors

manage their cap tables, valuations, portfolio investments, and equity plans.

Carta’s mission is to map and expand the global ownership network in order to

increase liquidity and transparency between shareholders.

Carta manages billions of dollars in equity at more than 10,000 private companies,

public companies, and investors including Slack, Coinbase, Flexport, and August

Capital. Founded in 2012, Carta has raised $67 million from Union Square Ventures,

Spark Capital, Menlo Ventures, and Social Capital and is an SEC-registered transfer


For more information, visit

Claim your promotion with VVCC:

For startups that have raised less than then $3 Million

  • Free fundraising and equity management tools Carta’s equity management tools can scale with startups from formation to exit. Together, you can issue, approve, and accept electronic securities, keeping your startups efficient and compliant. Increasing data quality and transparency lead to deeper and more strategic relationships between you and your startups.

For startups that have raised more than $3 Million

  • 20% discount & waive the $500 implementation fee Over 18,000 companies and investors rely on Carta’s equity management platform, valuations, and services. Carta works with every customer to find a price, plan, and solution that fits your needs.

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