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Most accelerator programs take equity or warrants in your start-up either for free or at highly discounted valuations. Some charge cash fees on top of their equity. Expara only charges a single, founder-friendly fee.

Expara's Unique Qualifications

Accelerator Program Overview Everything you're about to get Get everything included below at one fixed price, without having to give up any equity.

  • 14-week structured training, online and live

  • 94 videos, 17.5 hours, 74 original articles

  • Live 2-hour on-line weekly meetings

  • Mentoring

  • Access to funding

  • Global network

  • Business plan outline and feedback

  • Pitch deck and training

  • Expara Pro-forma valuation model

  • Term sheet template

  • Certificate of completion

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Accelerator program process How does it work? When you join the Expara Venture Accelerator Live, here is what you can expect.

14 week intensive training

10-20 start-ups per cohort Building business plan, financial model and pitch ceck Full access on-line course

Every aspect of fundraising 94 videos, with 17.5 hours of viewing and 74 original articles Weekly Zoom sessions

With Expara CEO and team Discussion, Q&A, presentations, feedback, guest speakers


One-on-one mentoring Dedicated mentors. Experienced in industry and technical. Global network

Built up over 20 years World-leading investors and global companies. Lifetime support. Access to funding

No forced funding Start-ups can raise funding from Expara, our partners or anyone else.

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Have a great start-up or start-up idea?

Our proven program helps you accelerate your fundraising without diluting your equity

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